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Meet The Photography Team


Creative Director, Videographer & Photographer

LOUISE DECOURCEY-DAWE, born in the city of London and raised in Barbados, is a graduate of Brunel University with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Broadcast Media (Design and Technology) covering all aspects of the media and entertainment industry from Music Production, 3D Animation, Project Management, Creative Direction, Motion Graphics, Filming, Television Broadcasting, Digital Media, Visual Effects, Editing, Green/Blue Screen work, Radio and Television Production, News & Documentary Writing, Photography, Research, Public Relations and Communication Law to several other areas within the music industry. 


Whilst studying at Brunel University, Louise also began working at The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC HQ, White City, London) where she worked on television programs including 'Child Of Our Time' and 'Olympic Dreams' and was later promoted to Production Team Assistant where she managed all of the edit suites at the London BBC White City HQ.​ Louise went on to work at Clear Cut Pictures (An audio and video post production facility) in West London and as an Executive PA at an online marketing agency, Quad London.


Photographer & Editor

Alyson Holder, born and raised in the Caribbean, has been making a name for herself in the photography world with her recent body of work.


The talented young photographer is known throughout the region for her creativity and innovate thinking. Alyson has a keen interest in creating stunning iconic images through visuals as she achieves a certain intimacy with the subject as well as the opportunity to capture their subtle nuances. Her varying projects are a series of experiments in production and circumstance. 


Alyson's client list includes local and regional published magazines and newspapers as well as top-brands including Ralph Lauren, Coco and Breezy, Terra Caribbean, M People Magazine and Nishi Restaurant. 


To view more of Alyson Holder's work visit 



Together, Louise DeCourcey-Dawe and Alyson Holder, have been able to merge their creative talents and business ethics to form an unstoppable duo-Photography team. 


Both Alyson and Louise work closely together for each step of the production process including conceptualizing ideas, sourcing talent (models, stylists, brands, designers, hair stylists, makeup artist etc.) locations, references, props and building sets. Production also includes creatively directing and shooting, lighting, shortlisting digital images, editing and executing the final products (digital images, prints etc.) to the highest quality standards. 

It is important for the team to constantly produce new content that is creative and innovative whilst enabling the team to hone their skills and grow within the entertainment industry, 


LOUD 87 offers a boutique service built on quality, efficiency and is catered to each client's needs.


For all photography bookings, packages and queries please contact us at

Bar & Restaurant Photography

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