Louise - Summer Bronze 2019 - Nude Dress



Creative Director, Presenter & Model

LOUISE DECOURCEY-DAWE, born in the city of London and raised in Barbados, is a graduate of Brunel University with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Broadcast Media (Design and Technology) covering all aspects of the media and entertainment industry from Music Production, 3D Animation, Project Management, Motion Graphics, Filming, Television Broadcasting, Digital Media, Visual Effects, Editing, Green/Blue Screen work to several other areas within the media industry. 


The young entrepreneur also attended Bournemouth University where she was awarded a Certificate in Advertising and Marketing Communications and achieved an Associates Degree in Mass Communication at The BCC in the West Indies where she covered areas such as Radio and Television Production, News & Documentary Writing, Photography, Research, Public Relations and Communication Law.

Whilst studying at Brunel University, Louise also began working at The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC HQ, White City, London) where she worked on television programs including 'Child Of Our Time' and 'Olympic Dreams' and was later promoted to Production Team Assistant where she managed all of the edit suites at the London BBC White City Main building along with four other team members in the UK.​ Louise went on to work at Clear Cut Pictures (An audio and video post production facility) in West London and as an Executive PA at an online marketing agency, Quad London.

Louise transitioned more over to the music side of the entertainment industry where she began to work closely with Jaicko Lawrence (International Recording Artist) and was taken under the wing of music industry mogul, Eric Nicks, (responsible for stars such as Lil' Kim, Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J) and Azar Bogan at Alpine Music Group based in New York, New Jersey and LA for artists, songwriters and producers including August Rigo, Jaicko Lawrence, P.J. Johnson, Antmaestro, Spinz Beats, Justine Skye, Kelly Sheehan, J.N.I.C.E, JS, Justa Beast and Ginette Claudette.

Although Louise is skilled in the business and behind-the-scenes side of things, she originally entered the entertainment industry at a young age as a model, dancer and presenter and was signed to several agencies in the Caribbean and London. Some of her model experience history includes Five (5) Cable and Wireless Advertisement Campaigns, Eve Food Products, Circuit Magazine, Caribbean Motorsports, Banks, Heineken, B-mobile, Red Bull, Diamonds International, Fashion Shows throughout the Caribbean Region and London, Courtesy Garage Print work, Rage Fashion Show, Berry's Fashion Show, Lynx Commercial, The Talent Magazine Launch and Colgate just to name a few.

Louise's passion and her love for the entertainment and media industry is unquestionable.


Bookings: info@Loud87.com